SureCall Flare 3.0

What is the SureCall Flare 3.0 and how will it help me?



AWARD-WINNING BOOSTER KIT— Flare 3.0 is a high-performance cell phone signal booster with
simplified installation that features an attractive one-piece base unit designed to be placed on an open
tabletop or shelf for clearer calls, more reliable texts, and faster data. The innovative and easy-to-install
booster system improves 5G & 4G LTE cellular signals for multiple users in 2-4 rooms of a home or cabin,
up to 3,500 sq ft. It boosts voice, text and data speeds for all North American cell carriers on all phones
and devices, including Verizon’s 5G Nationwide data signals.

POWERFUL & STYLISH— Flare 3.0 is the most powerful cell booster of its kind and is trusted by
customers across North America for its huge boosting power in an attractive and compact housing. It
comes equipped with SureCall’s exclusive 2XP technology that doubles uplink transmission power when
compared to the closest competitor to keep all devices connected even the most challenging signal
locations. This results in fewer dropped calls, better battery life, higher audio quality, and faster data
speeds and improved streaming for everyone inside the home.

SIMPLIFIED INSTALLATION— The Flare 3.0 kit comes with SureCall’s most powerful outdoor Yagi
antenna that is directional and designed to be aimed towards the closest cell tower to capture and
provide the best indoor performance and coverage. The patented combination of an indoor signal
booster and omni-directional antenna in one housing delivers more coverage than traditional booster
designs. Simply set up the Yagi antenna, run the included RG-6 cable (50 ft) into your home, and place
the base unit in a central location. The unit will automatically boost your signal once it is plugged in.

FOR BEST PERFORMANCE— Finding a location with consistent signal that the Yagi antenna can capture is
important and will improve performance. Indoor coverage area is directly related to the existing signal
strength available at the exterior antenna location: 1-2 bars outside ~ 1500 sq ft inside, 3-4 bars ~ 2500
sq ft, 5 bars ~ 3500 sq ft. For best performance a minimum 30 feet of horizontal separation between the
base station and exterior antenna is recommended.

USA COMPANY— Designed and tested in the USA and made with the high-quality components for
longevity and connectivity where you need it most. Includes industry best 3-year warranty and lifetime
US-based tech support. SureCall is proudly American-owned and operated since 2001 and based in
Silicon Valley California. SureCall is an Authorized Verizon 5G Signal Booster Vendor.